We aim to educate and raise awareness about the importance of nature conservation through Snorkel Clubs, Junior Ranger Clubs, information brochures for divers and hikers, and a signboard for yachts.


Provisional facilities for users

Mooring and buoy maintenance: Installation, security checks and maintenance (including cleaning) of moorings for yachts and dive boats, to prevent anchoring on the delicate sea bottom substrate.

Trail maintenance: Activities include development and maintenance of a network of hiking trails on Mount Scenery and around Saba. Supervision of young persons assigned to engage in community work on projects, benifiting people and nature.

General visitor information

Our staff can inform you about activities that can be arranged for visitors at the Visitor Center in Fort Bay or the Trail Shop in Windwardside. Alternatively, ask one of the Rangers when you meet them in the Marine Park or up the hiking trails. If you wish to find out more information in advance, email us at


Research and monitoring

The Saba Conservation Foundation carries out in-house research and monitoring projects (by staff, interns and volunteers), and also invites visiting scientists to assist with more extensive research projects, or to visit Saba to fulfill individual research programs. We are currently building a geo-database of all project reports or published publications following research from Saba in recent years. Data is collected for our monitoring program that supports nature management efforts on Saba both on land as underwater. This data is mainly used for long term management purposes, and can influence educational and awareness programs, policy and legislative amendments, permit requirements etc.