Trail Manners

Help to keep the trail clean. Please carry your own litter out to be properly disposed of in a trash container!

Leave the trail cleaner than you found it by picking up any litter that other people have left behind!

A picked flower soon dies. Please leave all plants and flowers for others to enjoy after you!

Be considerate to others. Loud noises can disturb wildlife as well as other hikers wishing to enjoy the serenity of the area!

All trails are on private land, and we are allowed to use the trails because of the landowners' generosity. Please respect the rights of the landowners and do not wander off the trails.

Do not pick the fruits in the plantations!

For Your Safety

Hiking and other strenuous activities in extreme heat can be hazardous. Pace yourself and rest often!

Carry plenty of drinking water with you. The heat of the tropical sun will force you to increase considerably your normal fluid intake!

Protect yourself against sunburn or sunstroke by wearing a broad-brimmed hat and a high-strength sun-block lotion!

Sturdy walking, running or tennis shoes are sufficient for the trails. However, hiking boots will provide an additional level of comfort and security on the more strenuous trails!

As you gain elevation and enter the rainforest, the temperature may drop markedly. You may want to bring along a light jacket or anorak!

Trails can frequently be slippery, especially in the rain forest.

A hiking stick can provide an extra level of confidence and can be rented or purchased at the Trail Shop!