Saba’s mooring system

A permanent mooring buoy system has been placed within the Saba National Marine Park for specific users.

The moorings are the most tangible of the park facilities because they are visible even to the non-divers. In the case of SNMP, where the provision of moorings is combined with strict anchoring rules, they virtually eliminate all anchor damage. Moorings are also a much-appreciated service, because it is much easier to tie up to a mooring buoy than to anchor.

All SNMP moorings are 45cm (18in) float balls with a blue reflective band, and are color-coded to indicate the varied user groups. White and red moorings are for licensed diving vessels only. Yellow moorings are specifically for use by visiting yachts up to 18m (59ft). They cannot be reserved and are on a first-come, first-served basis. Vessels are allowed to occupy these moorings for up to seven (7) days.

You may find other moorings in the Fort Bay area that are not the property of the Saba National Marine Park. These are for private use only.


Anchorage zones

There are two designated anchorage zones within the Saba National Marine Park: one between Ladder Bay and Wells Bay (west side) and one in front of the Fort Bay Harbor (east side). Upon arrival, you must proceed to the Harbor Office in Fort Bay and clear Customs and Immigrations without delay (please refer to Check-In Procedures – hyperlink). Limited docking space is available in the Fort Bay Harbor so it is necessary for boats to anchor outside the harbor and come in with a dinghy. A "Check-In" buoy has been placed just to the east of the harbor entry for checking in and out. That buoy can be used up to 1.5 hours only, so as not to unduly inconvenience others in line. Although it may appear that docking space is available, it is best to check with the Harbor Master first about ship traffic. Since the pier is small, it is used only as a loading/unloading dock unless given special permission by the Harbor Master.

Contact the Saba National Marine Park office (+599 416 3295) or Harbor Master on VHF channel 16 for directions on anchoring, mooring use, or any other information.


Check-in procedures

Arriving yachts are required to proceed to the Fort Bay Harbor as soon as possible, clear Customs and Immigration, then check in/out with the harbormaster to fulfill the required formalities. If Customs and Immigration are not available, proceed directly to the Harbor Office. The opening hours of the harbor office are from 6 AM to 6 PM. For your convenience and to speed up the procedures, the Customs and Immigration form can be downloaded in PDF format here.

Every yacht is ALSO REQUIRED to check in with the Marine Park at the office also located in Fort Bay. Download the yacht registration form (editable PDF format), or visit our downloads section.


Cost of mooring

The Saba National Marine Park is a self-financing organization so a nominal fee is charged to cover the cost of maintenance and management of marine resources. These fees must be paid at the Marine Park visitor center at the Fort Bay. The current fee for visiting yachts is US$ 3 per person onboard per week for the mooring maintenance and US$ 1 per person, per night, for nature management.

The harbor fee depends on the tonnage of the vessel (prices subject to change):

0 - 40 US$ 20
> 40 - 60 US$ 40
> 60 - 80 US$ 60
> 80 - 100 US$ 80
> 100 US$ 100


Coming ashore

We strongly advise that you enter the island of Saba only through Fort Bay Harbor as the other areas (Well's Bay, Ladder Bay and Cove Bay) can be treacherous in certain sea conditions that may be deceiving from aboard your vessel.


Mooring Map

View Saba Yacht Moorings in a larger map