Donor Recognition Plan

The Saba Conservation Foundation recognizes private philanthropy as both a noble tradition of the national parks and as a vital element of the Foundation's success.
Donations come to the park from individuals, organizations, foundations, corporations, businesses, and other entities, purely as expressions of support, in response to the donor's awareness of needs, to recognize a person or event connected to the parks or as a result of an organized fundraising campaign by others.

These funds and in-kind contributions enhance the SCF's ability to carry out its programs and activities, and provide a stronger connection between the donor and the parks. The SCF appreciates the generosity of those who donate directly, and those who work through authorized non-profit organizations and other authorized individuals or entities to raise funds for the benefit of the resources and programs of the SCF.

SCF is working on the creation of a Donor Recognition Plan

This plan establishes a wireframe for donor recognition for the protected areas or a special program, that everyone can understand and follow. The plan establishes guidelines for categories of recognition for different levels of donors while allowing a measure of flexibility to meet donor interests. The SCF Donor recognition plan helps park staff, fundraising partners and donors understand the means and levels of recognition that the SCF can provide within a park setting and off site. The plan should specifically prescribe the kinds of recognition for different levels of contributions. The Donor Recognition Plans is currently in state of development.