The Mount Scenery National Park

Saba’s plant life is a mixture of species brought in by the early colonists and native species. The wide variety of flowering plants range from prolific Oleander and Hibiscus found in gardens to wild flowers and orchids in the rain forest. The Wild Begonia and Wild Raspberry are also common along the rain forest trails.

Three distinctive vegetation zones are recognized; around the Mt Scenery, High hilltops to the lower slopes, and Meadows and cliffs.

Around the Mount Scenery
Dense vegetation with a variety of species covers the top of Mt. Scenery and upper section of the slope. The Elfin Forest covers about 8 ha (20 acres) with the dominant tree being the Mountain Mahogany. Epiphytes grow on trunks, branches and leaves of other plants. Orchids are among the most common epiphytes present. They have special structures that allow them to absorb water quickly when available. Other epiphytes include Liverworts, Bromeliads, Mosses and Ferns. In addition, Mountain cabbage or palm and several species of shrubs including Wild plantain, Tree ferns and Mountain manna are very common. At present the low cover and height of the trees a result of severe disturbances by hurricanes.