Ready, set Hike!

Saba’s nature is well known for it’s many hiking trails.Use the interactive map to plan your hikes, visit our trail shop for a more personalized experience or book an organised tour with one of our professional guides.

  • A

    The Ladder

    Difficulty: strenuous

    Time: 1 hour round trip

    Access: from The Bottom, follow the road past the hospital towards Well’s Bay. Bear left at the junction by the lookout gazebo. After a short distance down the steep road you will see the trailhead sign on the left.

    Special features: historic step road by which cargo was hauled up from Ladder Bay to The Bottom. Mahogany trees, Cinnamon trees, beautiful vistas.

  • B

    Crispeen Track

    Difficulty: moderate

    Time: 30 minutes to Crispeen, one hour to Rendezvous from The Bottom.

    Access: from the Mt. Scenery steps just below the end of the Mountain Road (at the first shelter) or from the road from The Bottom to Windwardside, just above The Bottom.

    Special features: Views of The Bottom and secondary rainforest.

  • C

    Mas’ Cohone’s Hill Trail

    Difficulty: moderate

    Time: 20 minutes one-way

    Access: Look for the trailhead signboard on your left as you head up to Mt. Scenery from Windwardside.

    Special features: a short alternative for those who don’t want to undertake the climb to the top of Mt. Scenery, with great plant diversity and a wonderful view of Windwardside.

  • D

    Mount Scenery Trail

    Difficulty: strenuous

    Time: 2½ hours

    Access: from Windwardside opposite the Trail Shop. Alternative access is from the end of the Mountain Road (this will reduce hiking time by about 25 minutes) or from the Bud’s Mountain Trail, which joins the Mt. Scenery trail at the highest shelter.

    Special features: 1,064 steps to the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Note: the steps near the top are always slippery; even shaded portions of the trail at lower elevations can be slippery. A hiking stick is highly recommended!

  • E

    Sandy Cruz Trail

    Difficulty: moderate

    Time: 2½ hours

    Access: the trailhead is at the end of the first dead end road that winds through Upper Hell’s Gate (Zion’s Hill). If you are walking to the trailhead, signs will direct you from the main road. Or you can start from the road on Troy Hill, which will increase the hiking time by about half an hour.

    Special features: lush rainforest, abandoned farmland, great views, trail crosses Saba’s Terrestrial Park.

  • F

    Sulfur Mine Trail

    Difficulty: moderate

    Time: 40 minutes one-way

    Access: going down from Upper Hell’s Gate (Zion’s Hill) towards the airport, follow the second side road (the one that branches sharply to the left); the trail starts at the end of the paved road.

    Special features: part of Saba’s Terrestrial Park; location of the old McNish Sulfur Mine; great views of cliffs and airport; seabird watching (bring your binoculars!).

    Note: Exploring the mine is possible when permitted. Flashlights are essential. Temperatures and humidity inside the mine are high. Enter at your own risk. Maximum stay in mine should not exceed 15 minutes. Upper levels have been blocked.

  • G

    Flat Point Trail (The Tidepools)

    Difficulty: easy

    Time: 30 minutes

    Access: from the road below the airport to Cove Bay. An easy walk to the bluff overlooking the tidepools; a steep scramble over rocks to get down to the pools

    Special features: xx

  • H

    Spring Bay Trail

    Difficulty: strenuous

    Time: 2 – 3 hours one-way

    Access: from the Agriculture Center in English Quarter (along the road from Windwardside to Hell’s Gate/Zion’s Hill) or from Kelbey’s Ridge near the Airport.

    Special features: Special features: dry forest and dry scrub vegetation; beautiful vistas; ruins of a sugar cane boiling house.

    Note: Take enough water and sunblock—this is a long and hot hike; Cooler due to shade if started in the early afternoon. Beware of Manchineel trees along the trail. Don’t seek shelter under them and don’t eat their poisonous fruits!

  • I

    North Coast Trail

    Difficulty: strenuous

    Time: 3½ hours one-way

    Access: from the main trailhead in Lower Hell’s Gate. Must be accompanied by a guide.

    Special features: Spectacular ocean views, ruins of Mary’s Point. Note: Due to erosion, only guided hikes are allowed beyond the All Too Far junction or past Mary’s Point, when starting from Well’s Bay.

  • J

    All Too Far Trail

    Difficulty: strenuous

    Time: 1-2½ hours one-way (depending on hiking the trail up or down).

    Access: from the junction at either the North Coast Trail or the Sandy Cruz Trail.

    Special features: this trail connects the North Coast Trail with the Sandy Cruz Trail. It meanders through dry scrub vegetation and lush rainforest, with spectacular views of the Pirate Cliffs.

  • K

    Bottom Mountain Trail to the Bottom

    Difficulty: moderate

    Time: 1½ hour

    Access: from the road opposite Queen’s Gardens Hotel or the junction at Rendezvous.

    Special features: secondary forest, transition to rainforest, occasionally farmed land, Mango trees, Mammee Apple trees, and views of The Bottom.

  • L

    Bud’s Mountain Loop

    Difficulty: moderate

    Time: 1½ hours up hill

    Access: from the Bottom Mountain Trail or opposite the last (3rd) rest shed on the Mt. Scenery Trail

    Special features: good example of secondary rainforest.

    Note: This trail is a nice alternative on the way down from Mount Scenery

  • M

    Tara Ground Trail

    Difficulty: moderate

    Time: 45 minutes from the junction on the Bottom Mountain trail to the junction on the Crispeen Track.

    Access: from the Bottom Mountain trail.

    Special features: dense secondary forest with large mango trees.

  • N

    Parish Hill Trail

    Difficulty: moderate

    Time: 1½ hours

    Access: the trail starts at the beginning of the road from The Bottom down to Fort Bay, next to the Cable Office or behind the Hospital.

    Special features: Parish Hill is one of the younger volcanic domes (less than 100,000 years old); great views of The Bottom and St. John’s; deep caves.

    Note: Caves should only be entered with an experienced guide and adequate equipment.

  • O

    Gile's Quarter Trail

    Difficulty: strenuous

    Time: 2 hours

    Access: from the Dancing Place Trail on top of the ridge or the dirt road below the stone crusher at the eastern end of Fort Bay.

    Special features: great ocean vistas along the coastline, impressive view of The Road from below, old farming structures, including a functioning well near the beach at “Hole in the Corner”.

    Note: Take enough water and sunblock—this is a long and hot hike.

  • P

    Dancing Place Trail

    Difficulty: easy

    Time: 20 minutes one-way

    Access: from the road from Windwardside to St. John’s at the Lion’s club sign or from “The Road” monument between Windwardside and St. John’s.

    Special features: great views of the south coast.

  • Q

    Middle Island Trail

    Difficulty: easy

    Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

    Access: from The Bottom towards Well’s Bay, turn down to the left at The Gap and continue past The Ladder until you reach the trailhead at the end of the road.

    Special features: heritage trail, remains of an old open cistern, impressive farm stonewalls, a cavern, dry forest and great views across Ladder- and Well’s Bay.

  • R

    Elfin Forest Trail

    Difficulty: strenuous

    Time: 1 hour until it intersects with the Mt. Scenery trail

    Access: from Sandy Cruz trail, about 20 minutes from the Sandy Cruz trailhead. If you see a bench, you’ve gone too far, so turn around and walk back about 10 minutes. Alternative access from Mt. Scenery trail.

    Special features: views of Cove Bay, the airport, Old Booby Hill. Rainforest, Elfin forest, Elephant Ears, Mountain Fuchsia, Maxillaria Orchids, giant Banana trees.

  • S

    Thais Hill

    Difficulty: easy



    Special features:

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