Vision of the Saba Conservation Foundation

Nature is respected and protected

Nature continues to play a central role in the life and the economy of the island, notably throug tourism and fisheries

Development is environmentally and economically sustainable, socially inclusive and culturally relevant

People can live peacefully and harmoniously, free of poverty and insecurity.

Our history

The SCF has been operational as an organization since 1987. Over time, the organization
has expanded the scope of its responsibilities and has grown as an organization. The SCF has a ten-member board, consisting of members of the local community, and seven full time employees. It is structured to manage a number of functions, including the management of Saba National Marine Park, the Saba Trail network, the Saba Trail and Information Centre.

Institutionalized forms of nature conservation in Saba date back to 1987, when the first protected area, the Saba Marine Park, was established and when the Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) was incorporated. In developing policy and legislation for nature conservation and management, the Island Government works closely with the Saba Conservation Foundation, a private non-profit foundation. Furthermore, the SCF fulfills an important role as advisory body for Government and as management agency for protected areas.