Check-in Procedure

  1. Attach to Mooring or Check-in Buoy
  2. Dinghy to Harbor
  3. Go to Customs and Immigration
  4. Check-in at Harbor Office
  5. Register your Yacht at Saba National Marine Park

How to attach to a mooring

Avoid vertical pull to buoys to prevent damage!


Arriving yachts are required to proceed to the Fort Bay Harbor as soon as possible, clear Customs and Immigration, then check in/out with the Harbor Master to fulfill the required formalities.

If Customs and Immigration are not available, proceed directly to the Harbor Office. The opening hours of the Harbor Office are from 6 AM to 6 PM.

Customs & Immigration Form >

Yacht Registration

Every yacht is ALSO REQUIRED to check in with the Marine Park at the office also located in Fort Bay.

Yacht Registration Form >

Coming Ashore

We strongly advise that you enter the Island of Saba only through Fort Bay Harbor as the other areas (Well’s Bay, Ladder Bay and Cove Bay) can be treacherous in certain sea conditions that may be deceiving from aboard your vessel.