Trail shop and guided hikes

Located in the town of Windwardside near the entrance of the Mt. Scenery trail, you will find the trail shop. Be sure to visit the shop if you plan to go hiking!

The trail shop also provides information on guided hikes. The Saba Conservation Foundation’s Trail Manager James Johnson takes groups on guided hikes. Hikes can be organised in advance by visiting
or calling the Trail Shop at (599) 416-2630.

Cost of guided hikes

Under 2.5 hours: $25 per person, $100 USD minimum
Over 2.5 hours: $35 per person, $140 USD minimum.
Larger groups: a discounted rate is applied, multiple guides will join you on your hike.

The Saba Trail Shop asks a US$3 donation for the trail upkeep, and guests receive a trail badge. Trail maps and various gifts, books and souvenirs can be purchased at the Trail Shop.

Book a guided hike

Fill in the form below to book a guided hike in advance. We will contact you shortly. Prior to your hike, you have to fill out a liability form. Rental equipment like walking sticks are available at the trail shop.